Jewellery Stores

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Diamond World Limited 

Jewelry storeRangs Nasim Square, Plot-275/D, Road, 27 (Old Rd No. 27Open ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01713-199270″A good chain in Bangladesh for having diamond jewellery.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Shatarupa Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No-27, 28, 17, Level-5, Bashundhara City · In Eastern Plaza Commercial ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 02-8121884In-store shopping

Bangladesh Silver House 

Jewelry storeShop#17, Level#5, Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Block#D, Panthapath · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01753-085848In-store shopping

Purobi Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd. 

Jewelry storeShop No: 21-22, Anam Rangs Plaza, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi · In Anam Rangs PlazaOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9130463In-store shopping

BD online jewellery store

office Jewelry storeMatri Gems Jewellers, road: G.P.O, Baitul Mukarram Market, 1st floor, Shop: 04Open 24 hours · 01622-263736″Very much famous in Bangladesh for diamond jewellery.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Amin Jewellers 

Jewelry storeF-27,DCC Market, North Gulshan Circle 2Open ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9884197″One of the largest Jewellery shop in Bangladesh“In-store shopping·Delivery

Joroa Jewellers 

JewelerWest Raja Bazar, Infront of Bank And MasjidOpen ⋅ Closes 10PM · 01928-004309In-store shopping

Sultana Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop 48,49, 59, 60 Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Level-5, Block-C · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01747-127779In-store shopping

ANZUM’s Jewelry store

Genetic plaza, 5 Rd No. 27 · In Genetic PlazaOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PMIn-store shopping

Hena Fashion

Jewellery Jewelry storeIn the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01913-900658In-store shopping

Bangladesh Pearl House Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No: 9, Navana Tower Shopping Complex, Gulshan- 1 · In Navana TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9896966In-store shopping

Abrar’s Jewelry

Empire Jewelry designer39/A, Level, 4 সড়ক-৮Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Fri · 01711-105706In-store shopping

Arabian’s Traditional & Trendy Jewellery 

Jewelry storeShop- 215, Metro Shopping Mall, Dhanmondi · In Metro Shopping MallOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9145482In-store shopping

Colours Bangladesh 

Costume jewelry shopLevel- 1, Block- C, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01723-487055In-store shopping

Ladies Boom BD-Feminine Online Jewelry Store 

Jewelry storeQ926+FW9Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01640-479947In-store shopping E-commerce service

24 Green RdOpen ⋅ Closes 10PM · 09638-060606Their website mentions bangladesh and jewellery

Modina Gold Jewellery

51 tanti bazar, English road DHAKA BANGLADESH Goldsmith01795-192888

New Heaven Jewellers 

Jewelry designerLevel 5, Block B, Shop 51-53 Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Panthapath · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01819-500300In-store shopping

D. Diamond Jewellery

manufacturerIn the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PMThe Sristi Gold Plated Jewellery Jewelry storeShop No: 231, House No: 1, Metro Shopping Mall, Road No: 12(New), Dhanmondi · In Metro Shopping MallOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01726-349656In-store shopping

Chandrima Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop-6,7, Level-5, Block-C, Bashundhara City, Panthapath · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01970-850825In-store shopping

Saptorshi Fashion Jewellery 

Jewelry storeShop- 12, House- 61, Anam Rangs Plaza, Road No. 6A, Dhanmondi · In Anam Rangs PlazaOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01711-004582In-store shopping

Amin Jewellers Ltd. 

JewelerP9MM+3PP · In New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM”One of the leading jewellery shop in Bangladesh!”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Amin Jewellers 

Jewelry storeLevel-5 · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01921-033766In-store shopping

Purobi Jewellers·

Jewelerhouse-72, block-D Rd No. 11Open ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01970-787624″One of the largest and oldest jewellery shop in Dhaka.”In-store shopping


Jewelry storeTropical Alauddin Tower, Shop 514 -515 (4th · In Amir ComplexClosed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu · 01717-701770Their website mentions bangladesh jewelleryIn-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Shawon Jewellery Works 

Jeweler254, Sher-e-Bangla Road, Zafrabad, Rayer Bazar, Beside Community CenterOpen ⋅ Closes 10PM · 01720-286036In-store shopping

New Fashion Jewellers 

Jewelry storeIn Farmview Super Market01643-473340In-store shopping

Dhaka Jewellers 

Jewelry storeNew Market · In New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01711-632569In-store shopping

Kashem Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No. 24, Ground Floor, Building No. 1, AC Market Chandni Chawk Shopping Complex · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01725-979426In-store shopping

Amin Jewellers pvt ltd 

JewelerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9555873″best place for purchase jewellery in Bangladesh“In-store shopping

Venus Jewelers 

Jewelry storeEastern Plaza Level 4, · In Eastern Plaza Commercial ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM”Renowned jeweler in the country”In-store shopping

New Gold Star Jewellers 

Jewelry store162, Farmview Super Market, FarmgateOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01720-050255In-store shopping

Ashraf Jewellers 

Jewelry storeRoom#1, Building#2, Chandni Chawk Market, 3, 2 Mirpur Rd · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 02-9668959In-store shopping

Venus Jewelers Ltd 

Jewelry store33/B, Baitul Mukarram Market, First Floor baitul mukarram · In the Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-9558222In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Modina Jewellers 

Jewelry store233 New Market – Pilkhana Rd · In New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01676-446851″This is modina jewellers.”In-store shopping

Sultana jewellers pvt. ltd 

Costume jewelry shopIn New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 7PM · 01752-143859″One of the oldest and fine jewellers of Bangladesh, they offer best …”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Royal Malabar Jewellers (BD) Ltd. 

Jewelry storeOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01707-010835″A foreign brand that is currently getting famous in bangladesh.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Bangladesh Gems Stone Jewellery 

Jewelry repair serviceShop No. 298, Somobay Twin Tower, B.B Avenue, GulistanOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01822-869749Sananda Jewellers Jewelry storeShop No.33, New Rajdhani Super Market, TikatuliOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01911-534887In-store shopping

Saco Watch & Jewellery 

Watch storeShop 1-2, Block-A, Panthapath · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01703-254435In-store shopping

Real Stone Jewellery·

Jewelry storeGulshan Uttara dhanmundi Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01914-878090In-store shopping

Zarin Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No: G/25, Eastern Mollika Shopping Complex, New Elephant Rd · In Mobile Accessories PointOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01726-328704In-store shopping

Monihar Jewellers 

Jewelry storeP9MP+M2F · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 02-9661661In-store shopping

Alif Imitation Jewellery 

Costume jewelry shopGolden Plaza, 385, Shop-06, 1st Floor, New Elephant RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01778-701900In-store shopping

Alif Jewellers·

Jewelry store64/1, Shop No-6, Boshundhara Square Market, Near Kreshi Market, Bazar Road, MohammadpurOpen ⋅ Closes 9:30PM · 01714-296710In-store shopping

Sriti Jewellery Works 

Jewelry store82, Sultanganj, Rayer Bazar, Adjacent to Akhra MandirOpen ⋅ Closes 11PM · 01915-135259In-store shopping

Dulhan Fashion Jewellery 

Wholesale jeweler Open ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01673-496215In-store shopping

Sananda Diamond’s Pvt. Ltd.·

Jewelry store229, 228 New Market – Pilkhana RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01734-707825″Good place for gold jewellery”In-store shopping


Wholesale jewelerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01912-222775″Made the purchase for a variety of fashion jewelry from this leading …”In-store shopping


Jewelry store26-27(1st floor) Amir Complex · In Amir ComplexClosed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu · 01717-701770″New Ring Jhumka Available @Al-Amin Jewellers We Accept …”In-store shopping·Delivery

New Royal Diamond 

Jewelry store45 Gulshan Avenue,Navana Tower Shopping Mall,Shop no :11-12-13 (1st, floor),Dhaka · In Navana TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01772-144475″… Diamond Brand in Bangladesh“In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Jarwa House Pvt. Ltd. 

Jewelry storeMolly Capita Centre, 76 Gulshan AveOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01919-217777″Their jewelry collections are the best in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping

Maa Jewellers 

Jewelry storeBuilding No-2, Shop No-17, Ground Floor, Chandni Chawak Market · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01923-683329In-store shopping

D.damas The Art Of Jewellery 

Jewelry store11 Rd 103 · In Gulshan Pink City Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 02-8881199″we found jewellery items what we want”In-store shopping

GEMS WORLD – Diamond Jewellery 

Jewelry storeIn Navana TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01720-518025″Unique jewellery shop.”In-store shopping

Bipasha Jewellers 

Jewelry storeIn-store shopping

Apurba Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShow Room-16, New Rajdhani Super MarketOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01731-122589In-store shopping

Ripon Store. 

Jewelry store2nd floor, 1/3 Begum BazarOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01761-555555″Best jewellery shop in Bangladesh.”In-store shoppingAPAN Jewellers Jewelry storeB-1, D.N.C.C. Market (Gr. Floor · In Suvastu Imam SquareOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 02-9892314″One of the best jewellery companies in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Hasan Enterprise Wholesale

jeweler1/1/1, Hazi Selim Tower, Shop no 21,Ground Floor, 2 Jail RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01912-222775″Hasan Enterprise is my fathers imitation jewellery …”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Golden Jewellery 

Costume jewelry shop21-24, 2nd Floor, Madina Ashiq TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01680-766606In-store shopping

Sun Gold Imitation Jewellery 

Costume jewelry shop1 No. City Corporation Market, Chawk, Circular RoadOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01822-824760In-store shopping

Happy Jewellers 

Jewelry store54, Baitul Mukarram Mosque Market, · In the Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM”.. Lots of design available here.”In-store shopping

Monimala Jewellers 

Jewelry storeE-12,, Mouchak RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01711-527226In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Churi Collection 

Jewelry storePantha Path · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01726-321747In-store shopping·Delivery


Costume jewelry shopShop No-26, Ground Floor, Haji Salim Tower, 1, 2 Jail RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01671-010042In-store shopping

Gohona Collection 

JewelerShop No.-G-75, Ground Floor, Eastern Mollika Shopping Complex, New Elephant RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01916-306848In-store shopping

Asian Jewellers 

Jewelry store18, Asian Jewellers, Dhaka New Market, Mirpur RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PMIn-store shopping

Tanishk Jewellers 

Jewelry storeGulshan Pink City Shopping Center, Gulshan Ave · In Gulshan Pink City Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01787-750525In-store shopping

Queen Pearl House 

Jewelry storeP9QG+5WV · In Shimanto SquareOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01715-016838In-store shopping

Mizan jewellers 

Shopping mall207,208 Dhaka New MarketOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01711-522160″One of the best and trusted jewellery showroom in the Dhaka city.”In-store shopping

Wedding Jewellery Shop 

Jewelry store1205 Mirpur Rd · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01710-990097In-store shopping·Curbside pickup·Delivery

Alif Jewellers 

Jewelry store77, Muktijoddha Super Market, Mirpur-1Open ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01919-647586In-store shopping

eFahion Gallery 

Jewelry storeGreen Swaranika Shopping Mall, Shop No# 05, Level-04 369, Elephant Road, S J Jahanara Imam SharaniOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01728-302080In-store shopping

Apan Jewellers

uttara Jewelry store69, 1230 Rd No 6Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu · 01729-073214″Best jewellery company of bangladesh.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Messers Jewellers and Gem stone

Jewelry store3rd Floor, Shop No.: 402, Police Plaza Concord, 2 Road-144 · In OppoOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01913-488447″… only quality gemstone seller in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery


Costume jewelry shopMadaripur Rotno Jewellery · In Sundarban Square MarketOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01718-759290In-store shopping

Fariha Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShopNo:24 , 1st Floor , Baitul Mukarram Market, Topkhana RoadOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01309-003122In-store shoppingDiamond World Limited Jewelry storeP9MM+2QC · In New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 9:30PM”Best jewellery shop in bangladesh“In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Alvi Jewellers 

Jewelry store23, Baitul Mukarram Market (1st Floor), · In the Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM”Good jewellery collection.”In-store shopping

HH Mart BD 

Jewelry storeOpen ⋅ Closes 8:29PM · 01627-756839″All kinds of jewellery item available here”In-store shopping·Delivery

Dhaka Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No- 314, Ga- 64, Configure Bepari Tower, Middle Badda, GulshanClosed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu · 01817-579082″All kind of gold jewlery available here.”In-store shopping

Lalbag Jewellers 

Jeweler3/1-A, Gowro Sundor Roy LaneOpen ⋅ Closes 10PM · 01726-488141″Not so big and popular jewellers.”In-store shopping

S.K Pearl House Jewellers 

Jewelry storeGulshan Pink City Shopping Center, Gulshan Ave · In Gulshan Pink City Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01715-227750″Cool place for buy jewellery”In-store shopping

Fancy Jewellers 

Jewelry store2B-002A, KA-244, Jamuna Future Park, Progoti Sharani, BaridharaClosed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu · 02-9823433″Nice collection of jewelry.”In-store shopping


Jewelry store144 Hatir Jheel Link Rd · In Oppo01790-119977In-store shopping


Jewelry store757/1 W Shewrapara – Ibrahimpur RdOpen 24 hours · 01912-404971In-store shopping

Goynar Baksho.BD 

JewelerHouse # 2, Road # 7, Rupayon PrimePrime(Ground FloorOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PMIn-store shopping·Delivery

Chowdhury Gold 

Jewelry storeNavana Tower, 45 Gulshan Ave · In Navana TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01787-854485″Chowdhury Gold is the best gold jewellery shop in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping

Apan Jewellers Dhanmondi 

Jewelry store2, 3, 4, Shimanto Squre, Rd No. 2 · In Shimanto SquareOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01322-306339″well known brand at Bangladesh, son bad work is not related with …”In-store shopping

S.D Jewellers 

Jewelry storeCity Shopping Mall, Shop No.: 86, Level 5, Block A Bashundhara, Panthapath · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01791-932699″My favourite jewellery shop”In-store shopping

Amin Jewellers 

Jewelry storeRC7F+CJPClosed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu · 02-9823001″Renowned Jewellery Shop”In-store shopping

Diamond World 

Jewelry store1st floorClosed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu · 01911-056930″Mostly known and famous jewellery showroom in Bangladesh …”

FR Exclusive Jewellery 

Costume jewelry shopOpen 24 hours · 01853-161166In-store shopping

Urmi Jewellers 

Jewelry storePCV6+RH8Open ⋅ Closes 8PMIn-store shopping

The Oasis Jewellers 

Jewelry storeNavana Tower · In Navana TowerOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01892-408634In-store shopping

Dewan Jewellers

1 Jewelry storeOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01766-174686″Service quality is great and trustworthy place to buy jewellery.”In-store shoppingAl Islam Jewellers Jewelry storeAbhay Das LnIn-store shopping

Al Hassan Diamond Gallery 

Jewelry storeGulshan Ave · In Richmond ConcordOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01312-581259″Well known place of diamond jewellery”In-store shopping

Passionate Her BD 

Jewelry storeOpen ⋅ Closes 6PM · 01725-600041In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

The Poroma Jewellers 

Jewelry store83 Siddheswari Rd · In Mouchak MarketOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01304-330004″It’s a jewellery chain shop.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Riya Jewellers 

Jewelry storeAshrafabad Road, Kamrangirchor, Near ThanaClosed ⋅ Opens 5PM · 01912-385525In-store shopping

Parika Exclusive-New Pearl House 

Bag shopG-17, Shop No: 1, Ground Floor, D.C.C North Super Market, Gulshan- 2Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM · 02-8881803In-store shopping

Venus Jewellers Limited 

Jewelry storeMadhya Badda Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Shopping Complex, 005, Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam AveClosed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu · 01885-937687″A reputer jewellary in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping

Diamond Zone 

Jewelry storeW Malibagh · In Fortune Shopping MallOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01822-869749″Good Diamond seller In Dhaka Bangladesh“In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Aman Jewellers 

Jewelry store11, Haranath Ghosh Road, Chalk Bazar, LalbagOpen ⋅ Closes 10PM · 01715-578955In-store shopping

Amin Collection 

Jewelry storeWater Works RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01911-362170″One of the best imitation jewellery & cosmetics shop”In-store shopping

M/S Alam Enterprise

Jewelry Shop Wholesale jewelerChawk Bazar – Khabaspur RdOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 02-7315440In-store shopping

Silver Pearl 

Jewelry storeIn the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01977-771071In-store shopping


Jewelry storePlot # 6/A, Road No # – 32, Gulshan AveOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01945-357313″They have exclusive jewelries of pure gold and high quality diamonds.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Alif Jewellers 

Jewelry storeEkota Plaza · In Akata PlazaClosed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu · 01830-135291In-store shopping

Diamond World 

Jeweler1217, 53 Shiddeshwari LaneOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01713-199270″First and renowned Diamond jewalery shop in Bangladesh.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Lipi Jewelers 

Jewelry store9 No, Tanti BazarOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01715-004909In-store shopping

Arista Mart 

E-commerce service58/10/A, Barek Mansion 3, Free School Street, PanthapathOpen ⋅ Closes 6PM · 01755-873571

Girl’s Paradise 

Jewellery manufacturer72 NorthOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01713-033496″Girl’s Paradise best online shop in Bangladesh

New Manik Jewellers 

Jewelry store41 Baitul Mukkarram Mosjid Road · In the Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 02-9558504In-store shoppingCarbon Kraft Jewelry storeShop No. 310, 3rd Floor, Shimanto Square, Dhanmondi · In Shimanto SquareOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01797-527535″Good collection of Diamond jewelleries.”In-store shopping

Al-Hassan Diamond Gallery 

Jewelry storeShop-006, Block-B, Level-2 Jamuna Future ParkClosed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu · 01922-113300″Very Good jewellery shop.”In-store shopping

BD Special Ornaments 

Costume jewelry shopGauchia Market, New Elephant Rd · In Dhaka CollegeTemporarily closed · 01756-336781

Monayem jewelers 

Jewelry storeOpen 24 hours · 01728-132495In-store shopping

Sharmeen Jewellers 

Jewelry store67, Baitul Mukkarram · In the Baitul MukarramTemporarily closed · 02-9555872″Well known jewellery shop in Dhaka.”

Rehum Jewellery 

Wholesale jewelerIn-store shopping

Labanno Jewellery 

Jewelry storeLalbag RdIn-store shopping

Dhaka Jewelries 

Jewelry store32, Baitul Mukarram Mosque Market, · In the Baitul MukarramOpen ⋅ Closes 8PMIn-store shopping

Jewellery Palace 

JewelerIn Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01531-548434″Great Jewellery Shop and they had good collection.”In-store shopping

Tisha Jewelers 

Jewelry storeKathal Bagan Sonargaon Road · In Eastern Plaza Commercial ComplexIn-store shopping

Riya Jewellers 

Jewelry storeIn the Baitul Mukarram”Hm… Buy jewellery its very good place for you…”In-store shopping

Diamond Plaza 

Diamond dealerShyamoli Square Shopping mall · In Shyamoli Square Shopping MallOpen ⋅ Closes 9:15PM · 01722-804659″Best diamond jewellery shop in Bangladesh“In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

City Imitation Jewellery & Cosmetics 

Cosmetics store16/1, Shop No: 5,6, Buriganga Setu Market, Jurain, PostogolaOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01920-812141In-store shopping

Eastern Jewellers 

Jewelry storeShop No-9 & 10, Building No-02, Chadni Chawk Market · In Chandni Chawk Shopping ComplexOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01746-804064″Honesty, transparency,good manners with quality gold jewellery.”In-store shopping

Ananda Jewellers Limited 

Jewelry storeTropical Alauddin Tower, Shop No. 502-503 (4th Floor), House No. 32/C, Road-2 · In STEP AKORSHONClosed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu · 02-8922774In-store shopping

Alankar Niketan 

Jewelry storeQ92R+96F · In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 02-9110877Their website mentions bangladesh jewelryIn-store shopping


Costume jewelry shopShop-20, Anam Rangs Plaza · In Anam Rangs PlazaOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01876-296211″Good for imitation jewellery though price is relatively high”In-store shopping

Chandni Chawk

Shopping Complex Shopping mall3 Mirpur RdOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01675-691560″Jewellery shops are the highest among Bangladeshi ornament markets”In-store shopping·Curbside pickup

I.K Jewellers Ltd. 

Jewelry store53, 1st Floor, Amir ComplexClosed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu · 01712-517667In-store shopping

Sweety Jewellers 

JewelerChunkutia Aminpara, Dorbar Road, South KeraniganjOpen ⋅ Closes 12AM · 01712-190154In-store shopping

Diamond House 

Jewelry storeShop: 147, Ground Floor, Twin Tower Shopping Complex · In Fortune Shopping MallOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01705-454424″They provide authentic and unique designed jewellery.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Meghna Jewellers 

Jewelry storeHaji Latif Markte, Golam Bazar RdOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01712-365274In-store shopping

Diamond world

Mohammadpur Jewelry storeShop: 436, level: 4, Tokyo squareOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM · 01709-638720″Diamond world is a Bangladesh renowned diamond jewellery shop.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up

Fadorb Bangladesh Women’s clothing store

Jahanara KuthirOpen 24 hours”Highly recommend that place for buying reasonable jewellery products.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Iqbal Imitation

Jewellery Costume jewelry shop21-24, Shop No-G-64, Modina Ashik Tower, Chawkcircular RoadOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01917-285602

Aarong Jamuna Future Park 

Clothing storeBasundhara Road, NSU Main Campus RdClosed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu · 02-9823041″Cozy place to shop Bangladesh local goods.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Diamond World 

Diamond dealerNarayanganjOpen ⋅ Closes 9PM”There are all types of jewelry available in diamond.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery

Trisha Jewellery Workshop & Shonkho Vander Jewelry store

Open ⋅ Closes 10PM · 01682-739521In-store shopping

Balaka Jewellers 

Jewelry storeHabib Market, Road No-9/C, Sector-5, UttaraClosed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu · 01975-544221In-store shopping

Ananda Jewellers Limited 

Jewelry storeHouse No, North Tower, Shop no. 202 (2nd Floor, 107 Service Rd · In North TowerClosed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu · 01732-305445In-store shopping

Right Lifestyle 

Clothing store In the Bashundhara CityOpen ⋅ Closes 8PM · 01928-029600In-store shopping


bashaboo Clothing store1/gha middleOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM · 01709-656987″The best brand of Bangladesh 🇧🇩.Great job Brac Aarong.”In-store shopping·In-store pick-up·Delivery


Jewelry storeNew Market – Pilkhana Rd · In New Market, DhakaOpen ⋅ Closes 8:30PM”Exclusive jewellery item All fashionable jumka payal and so on..”In-store shopping