Dr. Noor M Abdal

Dr. Noor M Abdal

Internal Medicine – M.B.B.S. – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DTCD – Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases, M.Phil. in Medicine.

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May 19 , 2022

This year theme : “Family Doctors- Always there to care.”Yes Family doctors always there to care with upgrade and update medical knowledge to manage all common diseases in the community at primary or first contact level, so that patient may not allow go into any disease complications and which may not require any secondary or tertiary care.

Prof Noor M Abdal Bangladesh College of General Practitioners Dhaka. WONCA South Asia.

March 7,2022

Ramadan tips

Holy month of Ramadan is near your door.
Get away from acid eructation, heart burn , chest and stomach discomfort by keeping away from oily , fried , fatty and junk food. Stay safe and keep well.

February 27,2022

New arrival of anti-Covid-19 drug against newer variants.

Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) virus now has become a great global challenge with rapid one after another emergence of new variants – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta ….. Recent arrival of Omicron variant has created another challenge across the world. Now we need more effective, safe and easily administered drugs within reach of common people capable of fighting against all different variants of Covid-19 and hopefully capable of fighting against further new variants in the pipeline yet to arrive. Although we are on the way to complete total global universal immunisation against Covid-19 and also carrying out other preventive measures along with drug therapy which all are equally important to control  Covid-19 virus and save our life. Most ideal drug in management of Covid-19 it is to be easily administered, quickly inhibit virus replication and decrease viral load rapidly in the body. It should also be capable of preventing disease complications and arresting deterioration from mild to moderate or moderate to severe stages of the  disease , so that patients may not require hospital admission. Our main target is to prevent mortality and patients going into severe complications.   

Frequent mutation of Covid-19 occurring in Corona viruses makes it difficult to combat new variants. Recent introduction of a combination anti viral drug Nirmatrelvir & Ritonavir together has been  marketed and has created a breakthrough in management of Covid-19 which is capable of fight against different variants of Covid-19 but due to its high cost it has gone beyond the   reach of the common people. A qualified medical practitioner has to identify from COVID-19 positive patients who and whom are to be administered this drug. It is also to keep in mind early administration has more beneficial effects than late.

Let all senior citizens round the world know what is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Early symptoms:-
1. Facing problem with remembering things
2. Mood & Personality changes.
3. Facing problem with completing routing task
4. Facing difficulty in routine planning or problem solving
5. Facing difficulty on expressing thought

Take care before deteriorating condition.
Be happy with coming future.

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